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Peintures acryliques

Acrylic Paints

The main quality acrylic or emulsion paint is its docility dilution with water (without excess), miscibility, blends easy to prepare, easy to apply, versatile materials, low odor. Continue Reading ››

Peinture glycero

Glycero Paints

Paints glycerophthalic or “alkyd” are widely used in the field of painting the walls. They give a smooth and very decorative appearance, are highly resistant to moisture, Continue Reading ››


Industrial and marine

Paints for industrial must have three main functions: insulation, protection, aesthetics. They are specially designed to protect, isolate and / or dress all products leaving their production Continue Reading ››

Peintures automobiles

Car paints

Lacquers car bodies are often modified binders one or two components associated with pigments. They are resistant to weathering. Other possible applications: boats, trains, planes, etc.. CONTACT Continue Reading ››

Peinture signalisation routière

Road signs

This paint line is specially designed for marking of road signs on bituminous ground.The resistance of these paintings is high due to wear and tear due to Continue Reading ››



Must substrate preparation to protect from premature degradation products, coatings have integrated properties from high technology (eg antifungal). In addition to an application made ​​easier thanks to Continue Reading ››



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