Acrylic Paints

Peintures acryliques

The main quality acrylic or emulsion paint is its docility dilution with water (without excess), miscibility, blends easy to prepare, easy to apply, versatile materials, low odor. She is very strong and indelible. It is unusual to dry very quickly, within minutes. This is an advantage when it comes to work faster layers, but can be a disadvantage in preventing alterations. It differs from the oil painting, very slow to dry but allows fades and repentance. The real limitation of the acrylic face grease. So you can not mix or dilute with oil or gas. However, under the rule of fat over lean, it is possible to paint in oil on acrylic layer (but not vice versa).

Acrylic paint, once dry, foxes permanently support. It may not be cleaned with strong solvents. If it is still fresh, it is simple enough to leave immediately acrylic fabrics with warm water and vegetable soap as soap of Marseille or Aleppo. Acetone is used to clean the painting utensils left even several days in the state, but take precaution with some soluble plastics on contact.

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Spécial Climat Tropical

TROPIC PlastTROPIC Plast est un revêtement imperméable acrylique spécialement conçu pour le climat tropical ou marin et qui possède une grande résistance aux intempéries et son excellente durabilité esthétique ... En savoir plus ici

Special Tropical Zone

TROPIC PlastTROPIC Plast is a waterproof acrylic coating specifically designed for marine or tropical climate and has a high resistance to weathering and excellent aesthetic sustainability ... Read more here