TROPIC Lasure 56

Quelques teintes de TROPIC LasureLASURE 56 is a decorative wood stain. It contains an ultraviolet absorber and a radical scavenger. Allowing it to increase significantly the resistance due to the attacks of sunlight, and resistance over time.

LASURE 56 treats and protects the wood depth, highlights the wood grain. It is easy to apply and does not form a film and thus eliminates the risk of blistering or peeling. LASURE 56 times the limit of moisture, so the deformations and requires a reduced surface preparation. It is perfectly washable, has a high resistance to impact, abrasion and chemicals. It is classified AFNORT 36005, Family Class 4A 1.

COMPOSITIONFlexible polyurethane resin containing fungicides, insecticides and anti-blue.
Pigments iron oxide selected for their transparency and light stability.
COLORColorless, mahogany, light oak, dark oak, medium oak, Oregon Pine, ebony, teak, walnut
APPEARANCESatin reinforced thixotropic
USEOutdoor Woodwork / interior
Treatment, decoration and protection of new wood or old bare handed.
Floors boat.
DRY WEIGHT38% + / - 2%
YIELD10-15 m² per liter according wood species and the desired tone height
PACKAGINGMetal pots 1 L, 2.5 L and 15 L
SURFACENew wood brushing, wiping and dusting
Painted Wood: sanding or stripping, cleaning with white spirit and drying,
Stained wood: Dust
Exuding or exotic wood: trichlorethylene degreasing and drying.
IMPLEMENTATIONStir thoroughly before and during application,
On exposed structures, it is recommended to apply two coats of stain impregnation satin until saturation.
DILUTIONReady to use.
EQUIPMENTBrush, spray or roller coater.
Cleaning: solvent (white spirit or thinner 6).
DRYINGDry to touch: 3 hours
Between layers: 3 to 24 hours depending on the desired pitch, the nature of the wood and the ambient temperature.
PRECAUTIONSNever soak the wood with oil before stain treatment TROPIC.
Flammable: Refer to safety and hygiene standards for all mechanized application
SHELF LIFE1 year in unopened original packaging.

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