TROPIC Peintures

FINISH MARINE is a paint finish designed for marine and industrial environments. Single component, FINISH MARINE has the advantages of easy application and perfect corrosion protection. It resists abrasion, water and is flexible.

COMPOSITIONBinder: composition of modified resins, pigments.
COLORAll colors available from 500 kg
APPEARANCE Satin or gloss
USE Boat, marine, industrial, platform
DENSITY 1.20 + / - 2%
YIELD125 g / m²
PACKAGINGMetal cans of 20 kg
SURFACE PREPARATION For best performance it is recommended to go to the first coat of PRIMER 653
IMPLEMENTATION Ready to use. Be diluted with 5 to 10% depending on the needs.
DILUTION Approximately 5% to 10% thinner Finish Marine
EQUIPMENTBrush, roller or sheep anti-drip nozzle.
Cleaning: Thinner Primer Marine 653
DRYINGAt 20 ° C and 60% relative humidity:
- Dry to touch: about 1 hour
- Between layers: 24 hour
SHELF LIFE1 year in unopened original packaging.

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