Must substrate preparation to protect from premature degradation products, coatings have integrated properties from high technology (eg antifungal). In addition to an application made ​​easier thanks to the evolution of textures and tools, the new generation of coatings significantly improve the resistance of materials, quality and durability of finishes. Repair, reseal, equalize and smooth before painting, coatings contribute much to the quality of the final rendering of decorative coatings.

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Spécial Climat Tropical

TROPIC PlastTROPIC Plast est un revêtement imperméable acrylique spécialement conçu pour le climat tropical ou marin et qui possède une grande résistance aux intempéries et son excellente durabilité esthétique ... En savoir plus ici

Special Tropical Zone

TROPIC PlastTROPIC Plast is a waterproof acrylic coating specifically designed for marine or tropical climate and has a high resistance to weathering and excellent aesthetic sustainability ... Read more here