TROPICAFOND has the advantages of a fixer funds, while providing a high opacity often to make an application layer.
This is a sub-layer which has outstanding resistance to alkaline substrates, provides excellent penetration and promotes a very good adhesion. TROPICAFOND regulates differences in absorption and breathable funds. It is intended for interior (walls and ceilings) and outside in front of waterproofing treatment with a thick plastic coating or semi-thick, but also applies to all other media.
TROPICAFOND is classified according to the AFNOR T36000 Family Class 2b 1.

COMPOSITIONPigment: rutile titanium oxide treated
Binder: acrylic copolymer
COLORWhite only (Can be tinted with universal tints)
USEInterior / Exterior - Walls and ceilings
DRY WEIGHT78% +/- 2%
YIELD6-10 m²/ kg
PACKAGINGMetal pots of 25 kg
SURFACEAll traditional interior materials: plaster, staff, plasterboard, coated with water, wood and wood products, cement, concrete, fiber cement.
IMPLEMENTATIONIn one or two layers of materials prepared, the washes should be eliminated.
Facade and interior walls:
- On old paint, remove previously all loose parts
- On starchy or porous surfaces, dilution up to 30%
- In particular cases (eg aerated concrete), it is advisable to dilute Tropicafond 30% iron and a second coat thinned 15%.
DILUTIONFrom 10 to 20% water depending on the substrate.
EQUIPMENTBrush, roller sheep anti-gout, airless.
DRYINGDry to touch: 1 hour
Between layers: 4 hours at 20 ° C and 60% relative humidity
PRECAUTIONS OF USE Do not mix with another product
SHELF LIFE1 year in original packaging

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